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Welcome to A Different Many Paths

The Mission

To help society experience different


 * Blog about real life

 *Open up to society

 *Help humanity grow as humans


Let Yourself Live

Updated: 4 days ago

Welcome to my first blog post of A Different Many Paths. It is surreal where we are going on this journey called life. I consider what we go through in life as "many lives". That is what I call it. No right path, or right way of living.

Society likes to hold everything in "black and white". And this world is one of the most colorful worlds we have ever truly lived in. Because of how the "norm" of civilization doesn't like different. It is squished by this "black and white" view point. For some reason, people only see "black and white". I have observed and wondered the "why" with this for ages.

My goal in life is to be unexpected, to love people with all I have, and be happy. My younger goals in my younger self were a Veterinarian for Safari in Africa, grew to a horse trainer, and blossomed into this perfect musician for the horn world. Boy, did I fail that. I don't think it is a failure, but it wasn't what life wanted for me. I realized life/God wanted something deeper. Something more emotional. That is to bring people together, and to find happiness within myself. Finding happiness is finding strength for all these surrounding people that come in and out of our lives.

I will go into details with all this, and talk about my "past lives/journeys" throughout this blog. Within time you will see more and hear more about what I do, and who I am. You will get a different mindset, and uniqueness that I pray you will some how maybe learn something from. Also, not just learn, but enjoy. My witty humor that turns sarcastic to seeing the light in major darkness. Light has a lot to everywhere we go. We also have to embrace that darkness, or at least look at it in the eye to tell it "I am not scared of you".

Today, go outside, take a walk, and feel things that our society may not want you to feel. We like to drug ourselves up to numb that truths that we need to focus on. Also, to start seeing a different way of thinking, and living. If we were all a like this world would be one boring place.

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